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Circle Improvisational Singing

Open to anyone who can sing. Different levels available for more advanced singers.

March 16 - 1 pm

April 13 - 1 pm 

May - TBA

June - TBA 


Circle Song is a quasi-ancestral improvisational singing form, where a group of singers, placed in a circle ╩╗pass around╩╝ a basic motif, inspired by African, Latin, groove, traditional folk and jazz influences. Circle Song provides singers with an ideal context in which to listen, share, and carry out an individual study of vocal improvisation where it is possible to deal with the following aspects:

Sound & Timbre
Being Present
Collective Improvisation

Singer, composer, conductor, and improviser Bobby McFerrin developed a model technique called “circle singing” that engages singers in the co- creation of improvised, layer-based “circle songs.”

Circle Improvisational Singing
will be facilitated by vocalist and educator Ellen Johnson who has a long history of working with free improvisation and music for healing. Ellen was hand-picked by Bobby McFerrin to workshop his circle singing back in the 80’s and she continues to use free improvisation in her own professional singing and vocal studio.